Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Capture Your Grief:Jewelry

Capture Your Grief Day 8-Jewelry

I made this one so that I can have Marc with me all the time. I love wearing it because it makes people ask me about him and then I get to say his name.

My mom made me several. This is one of my favorites.

After Marc died she started making these necklaces. She calls them her mending broken hearts collection.They were perfect for when I returned to work because grief is a roller coaster and it is not always visible to people on the outside. I mean, people especially coworkers might find it hard to tell what kind of a day you are having. Some days I was strong and could answer questions or talk about Marc and not lose it. Other days I would break down.She made me three. One that said strength so that I could wear it to work on days I felt strong, one that said tender with mended wire which meant I was having a down day and one that was still open and not mended at all which meant I was having a really bad day. I will have to add the strength one later because I have a nursing baby attached to me right now but this is what they look like and a link to her etsy shop where she sells them.
10% of the proceeds for sales from her  "Mending Broken Hearts" collection will be donated to M.E.N.D, which is a wonderful support group for Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death. MEND

                                                                  Mending Broken Hearts

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